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Please make sure you include quiz number shown above


1.  Differentiate between an identifier and a literal in programming.  Give two (2) examples of each

2.  What do you understand by operators

  • Mention two (2) logical operators

  • Mention any assignment operator and explain what its used for


3. If 233 is a data type, what kind of data type is it?

4. Name the programming language for each constant data type declaration

  • const PI = 3.14;

  • PI= 3.14

  • const double PI = 3.14

  • public static final double PI = 3.1;

5.  Mention two (2) keywords common to most programming language

6.  Do you think you actual need punctuation marks in programming

7.  Let’s say you want to write a bank account program, what three (3) variables and 2 constants would you declare

8.  Mention 5 identifiers that might be present in a hospital program and say their data types

9.  What will you do first if you want to start writing a computer program

10.  Write a comment in three (3) different programming languages of your choice telling us how you find this course